Digital buildings are the future

Digital transformation is triggering disruptive trends in today’s business world. Connecting people, businesses, and things sets the stage for personalized customer experiences, groundbreaking new business models, and workforce innovation. These changes are already in motion, and buildings are central to this transformation.

However, as the number of networks and connections within buildings grows, they are becoming increasingly complex. While building technology has largely remained stagnant, the convergence of isolated building systems such as sensors; lighting; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); security; and audio-video equipment into a single system is fundamental to digital transformation of buildings.

Today’s building systems and equipment need to work together smoothly and efficiently to meet owners’ and occupants’ needs. Realizing the vision of smart buildings requires a holistic approach of integrating new technologies.We are introducing the Cisco Catalyst® Digital Building Series Switch, the first step toward a robust foundation for the next-generation digital buildings. The Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch is the first purpose-built switch for smart buildings. It is designed specifically for powering and connecting multiple siloed building subsystems onto a single unified low voltage IP network. We are introducing the next generation building architecture through our ecosystem of partners, products and solutions custom-built for managing buildings with a focus on networking and data transport.

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